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Gonzalo Wong Koo

Gonzalo Wong Koo.jpg

My name is Gonzalo and I am originally from Peru. Currently, I am a 4th Resource and Environmental Management (REM) student and this is my 2nd co-op. My 1st co-op was with the City of Vancouver Water Conservation Branch in the summer of 2021. Under the Water Conservation Branch, I was assigned to the Leak Brigade program. The Leak Brigade program entails co-op students going house-to-house around Vancouver’s residential neighborhoods to detect water leaks via the curb stop valve. By the end of the 4 month co-op, we tested 1795 residential homes in the Hasting-Sunrise neighborhood for leaks. The main finding was that 2.78% (50/1795= 2.78%) of tested homes in the Hasting-Sunrise neighborhood had a water leak. A 2.79% water leakage rate is equivalent to losing 98,354,520L of water per year. I look forward to learning more about 6PPD-q and laboratory processes. During leisure time, I enjoy cooking, hiking/camping, and playing sports.

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