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Bonnie Lo

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Bonnie’s desire to understand the impact of anthropogenic activities on the environment is what drew her to the field of ecotoxicology.  Prior to her doctoral studies, Bonnie spent over a decade working in environmental consulting. Many of her projects focused on assessing the adverse effects of contaminants associated with mining discharge and municipal wastewater on aquatic systems. Her previous research areas include selenium ecotoxicity and amphibian test method development.

Her current research is focused on assessing the health of juvenile Chinook salmon as a function of contaminant exposure in the Fraser River estuary using a combination of traditional ecotoxicity and OMIC (e.g. transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic) methods. This work is being conducted under the senior supervision of Dr. Brown and Dr. Marlatt (SFU) and in collaboration with Dave Scott and Misty MacDuffy (Raincoast Conservation Foundation).

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