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Stephanie Holbert


Stephanie grew up in Arkansas, United States and developed an interest in marine life and the ocean early. She obtained a BSc in Biology from Lyon College, Arkansas, USA, spending one summer taking marine biology classes at Dauphin Island, Alabama and another as an NSF REU intern in Charleston, South Carolina. She received an MS in Marine Science at Hawai'i Pacific University studying mercury concentrations and biomarkers of exposure in recreational fishes. Her research interests include monitoring the health of cetaceans by investigating the health effects and toxicological risks from exposure to contaminants in their ecosystems.


Stephanie is currently a PhD student in the Resource and Environmental Management program at Simon Fraser University with Dr. Tanya Brown and Dr. Frank Gobas as 

her advisors. Her PhD project involves studying and investigating priority contaminants in resident killer whale food webs. By measuring contaminants in resident killer whale prey and habitat, they aim to better characterize resident killer whale contaminant exposure and associated health risks to aid management policy for the recovery of the Southern Resident Killer Whale population.

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